Conference Videos

Below are the videos from day one of the conference (October 4, 2012):

All videos recorded by Mizera Digital Video

October 4, 2012:  Preconference Speaker Andrew Ng from Coursera (this session was optional for regents/trustees)

October 4, 2012:  The State of Higher Education in Texas

October 4, 2012:  Conference Welcome and Committee on Higher Education Governance, Excellence and Transparency: Preparations for the 83rd Texas Legislature

October 4, 2012:  Innovative Practices and Improvements in U.S. Higher Education

October 4, 2012:  Cultivating Continuous Improvement and Innovation in Texas Higher Education – Best Practices

October 4, 2012:  Dinner Keynote – Arthur Levine, President of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, on “Generation on a Tightrope: A Portrait of Today’s College Student”